Welcome to the Elvet, the Elearning Version of the Tarbiyah

Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training of the State Islamic Univesity of Sunan Kalijaga built the Elvet, a pedagogically web-based teaching and learning management system, to answer the challenge of conventional education that always requires, thus is confined to, space and time. Users, both lecturers and students, can easily access this system using an affordable smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC connected to the internet network.

The built system is not simply teaching and learning management but is designated as a pedagogical elearning. This attempt responds to the growing number of unsatisfied users who witnessed elearning merely as administrative management of teaching and learning carried out digitally that lacks pedagogical touch. Consequently, the Elvet shows that users can carry out elearning by utilizing the principles of pedagogy that have so far been neglected in the common practice of elearning but glorified in the conventional classroom.